Vinyl Floor Buying Tips

Versatile installation

With proper surface preparation, vinyl flooring can be installed over any standard underlayment, concrete, old ceramic tile, wood or non-cushioned vinyl flooring. Stability and water resistance make vinyl a good choice for any room at, above or below grade level.

Vinyl sheets are sold in prepared rolls or 6- to 12-foot wide panels. Since they can be installed seamlessly, vinyl flooring sheets are ideal for moist areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

durable, Moisture & Mildew resistant flooring

Vinyl Flooring has a  top layer called the wear layer. Vinyl no-wax is the thinnest wear layer. It suits light-traffic areas that rarely see dirt. Urethane provides greater protection, with a heavier coating that resists shoe scuffs and scratches from sliding chairs. Enhanced urethane is the highest-quality coating, offering the greatest protection in high-traffic areas.

What’s underneath the vinyl matters, too. Backing boosts vinyl flooring’s moisture and mildew resistance. It also determines the type of installation adhesive required. The thicker the backing, the better the vinyl flooring will be.

professional installation services

Our installation team can have your new vinyl floors installed in just a few days. Visit our showroom to shop our vinyl floor selection and to schedule your free estimate.